Picture time!

It’s time for pictures.. this blog is looking a little bland! 


Centro historico- Quito 


The view from the top of the Teleferico in Quito. The Teleferico is a gondola system that runs up to the top of a volcano and has amazing views over Quito and the surrounding Andes. 


We rode horses at the top of the Teleferico, it was magical.




One of the weekends we went to the town Baños and had some adventures. We went on a pretty hike to the top of this hill that overlooked the town. We also went rafting, which was super fun but the drive out to the launch site was much farther away than we were told and then we floated downstream for an hour so it was an even longer freezing cold drive back in an open air bus back to Baños and we missed the bus back to Quito that we were trying to take as a result… Obviously I remember the whole ordeal of transportation more than the actual rafting but it was an adventure nonetheless. I’ve learned to always add an hour (or four) onto the time that any Ecuadorian tells you it takes to get from point A to point B because more likely than not it will take at least half a day to get anywhere you want to go. 


Baños is located right below an active volcano, which was very much active while we were there and kept blowing off plumes of smoke and ash. It was surreal to be so close to a volcano as it was going off. The locals would stop and look up every time it would blow off smoke and just watch as it blew away. No one seemed too concerned that there was a volcano going off above the city. 


More of Baños. One of my friends, Kurtsy, the brave soul, bridge jumped off a bridge over this canyon. I passed on that one. Unfortunately I have absolutely no desire to throw myself off a bridge. 

Ok that’s it for now, more pictures to come soon!


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