Bye for now

Hello all! I decided to make this blog so you can see what I’m up to while I’m Ecuador this summer. I’ll be participating in an internship with IE3 global internships and Child Family Health International. The program I’m doing focuses on urban/rural health and I’ll be spending 7 weeks in Quito and 3 weeks in Chone (a rural town in the coastal region). I’ll get to shadow doctors during hospital and clinic rotations, which I’m very excited about because I’ll rotate through different specialties. I haven’t had a lot of medical experience yet, except for my preceptorship in pediatrics, so this will be great opportunity for me to get a taste of different areas of medicine. I’ll also get to see some things that I wouldn’t get to see here, like tropical maladies, which I’m maybe a little too grotesquely excited about but that’s just the microbiologist in me.

In addition to rotations, I’ll also be taking some medical Spanish classes. I’ve done some translating at a medical clinic in Corvallis but I’m hoping that this internship will increase my fluidity and expand my vocab. My Spanish has gotten really rusty since I came back from Chile 6 years ago and even though I’ve been taking Spanish classes almost every term for my Spanish major, academic classes don’t maintain the same level of conversational proficiency as being in a country where you use the language every day. So I’m looking forward to speaking Spanish all the time and thinking in Spanish and even dreaming in Spanish hopefully! Unlike when I went to Chile with hardly any Spanish skills I’m not feeling apprehensive about the language this time, which is a liberating feeling and I think this means I’ll be able to better enjoy my time in Ecuador from the start and focus on learning medical Spanish rather than conversational Spanish. 

I’ll be leaving on July 6th and saying goodbye to Oregon for now since I’m moving directly to Houston when I come back from Quito. It’s definitely a bittersweet feeling and I don’t know when I’ll be back so it’s scary and exciting at the same time. Except for the year I spent in Chile as an exchange student, I’ve lived in small towns in Oregon my whole life and although I’ve been lucky enough to travel to many awesome places, I’ve always looked forward to returning to my home in Oregon. But that being said, I’m ready for a new adventure and I’m pretty positive in my ability to make myself a new home elsewhere. I never pictured myself living in Texas of all places and I’ve vowed to not develop a southern twang but I think I’ll get used to it. So yeeehaw! 

But first, Ecuador! Stayed tuned for more. I’ll try to post once a week and some of my posts will be in Spanish (I have to write weekly reports for my Spanish credits anyways). I know a lot of you speak Spanish and if you don’t use it as an excuse to learn (looking at you Jon hehe). 




3 thoughts on “Bye for now

  1. Parasites! I knew you were going to call me out. Google Translate is about to be my friend. You should learn how to say, “It’s not Lupus! It’s never Lupus.”

  2. Totalmente, we will be following Tu like a tick on a perro. See, Espanol. Can’t wait to experience your travels, vicariously. Que espectacularmente.

  3. We’ll be eager to hear and read of your travels and experiences. Good health to you and enjoy the environment.
    9000 feet is pretty high! Love, GASGUT

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